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About the Chief

Read more about Lenexa’s Police Chief, Chief Thomas Hongslo. Thomas Hongslo, a 23-year veteran of law enforcement, was appointed as the Chief of Police in October 2012.

From Many... One.

Interested in the department? Watch our recruitment video, “From Many… One”, and see our officers in action.

Internships with Us

The Lenexa Police Department is currently accepting internships on a limited basis. If you take pride in your work, and believe words like dedication, commitment, honor, pride, integrity and professionalism have meaning, then we encourage you to apply.

 Career Opportunities

Join our department
To apply to the Lenexa Police Department, you must complete an employment application and the Personal History Statement.
Police Officer employment appl​ication
Police Dispatcher emplo​y​ment
Personal History Statement

For questions on this process, please contact the Recruiting/Hiring Hotline at (913) 825-8282 or e-mail pdrecruiter@lenexa.com.

Am I qualified?
To be considered for a position with the Lenexa Police Department, applicants must:

• be a U.S. citizen
• be at least 21 years of age by application date
• possess a high school diploma or G.E.D.
• possess a valid state driver's license
• not have a personal or professional history that would automatically disqualify you for a position (see list of automatic disqualifiers)

Prior law enforcement experience or college courses in criminal justice or a related associate's or bachelor's degree is preferred, but not required.

What happens after I apply?​
First, complete and submit the standard application form​ and the Lenexa PD employment application packet. If eligible, you will then be asked to complete a written aptitude test. Candidates must achieve a passing score to continue in the hiring process. 

For more information about the Le​nexa Police Department, visit the Cit​y of Lenexa's web​site.

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 Department Highlights

Lenexa PD Receives High Rating from Citizens

Lenexa PD Uses Body Cameras

K-9 Unit in Training

Traffic Safety Unit

Sunflower Elementary D.A.R.E. Graduation

 Recruiter's Corner



So, you just got hired. You've made it through the written test, physical test, oral board, polygraph, background check, psychological evaluation, medical examination, and the chief's interview. It's been a very long process and you're excited to start. You then ask, what happens next? You'll be given a start date or "date of hire" with the department. From this day on you get paid, your benefits start, and you are working towards your retirement. You will be issued your gear and equipment and attend the firing range for basic training. You do not have to buy any gear, equipment, or uniforms, we provide it all.

You are then ready to attend the Johnson County Regional Police Academy which is located on the Johnson County Community College campus. For sixteen weeks, you will cover a wide range of topics and hands on skills which include criminal law, firearms, defensive tactics, emergency vehicle operation, physical fitness, community policing, and much more. At the end of the academy there will be a formal ceremony and graduation. You are then a certified law enforcement officer in Kansas.

After graduation you return to the PD and spend four weeks in our in-house program. The academy teaches you the basics of being a police officer, but our in-house program teaches you how to be a Lenexa Police Officer. We teach you about our technology, tactics, and our police culture. After the in-house program you will spend fifteen weeks in our Field Training Program where you will ride with different Field Training Officers (FTO). These officers volunteer to be FTO's and are highly motivated individuals who will teach you how to bridge the gap between the education of the academy and the in-house training with the application of real life policing. After a successful completion of the FTO program, you will be released and assigned to solo patrol. It's a long process, but one that will prepare you for an exciting career. Are you up for the challenge?

- Sergeant Vajen 

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