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Read more about Lenexa’s Police Chief, Chief Thomas Hongslo. Thomas Hongslo, a 23-year veteran of law enforcement, was appointed as the Chief of Police in October 2012.

From Many... One.

Interested in the department? Watch our recruitment video, “From Many… One”, and see our officers in action.

Internships with Us

The Lenexa Police Department is currently accepting internships on a limited basis. If you take pride in your work, and believe words like dedication, commitment, honor, pride, integrity and professionalism have meaning, then we encourage you to apply.

 Career Opportunities

Join our department
To apply to the Lenexa Police Department, you must complete an employment application and the Personal History Statement.
Police Officer employment appl​ication
Police Dispatcher emplo​y​ment
Personal History S​tatement

For questions on this process, please contact the Recruiting/Hiring Hotline at (913) 825-8282 or e-mail pdrecruiter@lenexa.com.

Am I qualified?
To be considered for a position with the Lenexa Police Department, applicants must:

• be a U.S. citizen
• be at least 21 years of age by application date
• possess a high school diploma or G.E.D.
• possess a valid state driver's license
• not have a personal or professional history that would automatically disqualify you for a position (see list of automatic disqualifiers)

Prior law enforcement experience or college courses in criminal justice or a related associate's or bachelor's degree is preferred, but not required.

What happens after I apply?​
First, complete and submit the standard application form​ and the Lenexa PD employment applicatio​n packet. If eligible, you will then be asked to complete a written aptitude test. Candidates must achieve a passing score to continue in the hiring process. 

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 Department Highlights

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K-9 Unit in Training

Traffic Safety Unit

Sunflower Elementary D.A.R.E. Graduation

 Recruiter's Corner



The Lenexa Police Department has a long standing tradition of providing the citizens of Lenexa with the finest in police services. One critical facet of this dedication to service is an unflinching commitment to identify, acquire and incorporate proven new technologies into the daily activities of our officers and support staff. This enables us to take an aggressive, proactive approach to policing - stopping crime before it happens, reducing response times, increasing criminal apprehension rates, providing for enhanced cooperation with other agencies, and creating a safer community.

One of our newest technologies is the 3D Faro Scanner that our traffic unit recently received. This scanner is used to forensically map serious injury and fatality crash scenes. The scanner can also be used to detail and map serious crime scenes. Using point cloud data collected from the laser scanner, investigators are able to develop highly detailed 3D models for analysis. Significantly reducing time spent on-scene, while improving safety and minimizing traffic congestion, the 3D laser scanning technology allows crash investigators to quickly record vast amounts of data and bring the virtual scene back to the office, with reduced manpower. Once the virtual map has been created, our traffic investigators use the data to determine the contributing factors of serious accidents which help in the prosecution of persons who caused the crash.  

Another piece of technology that we use is our body-worn audio/video cameras. Each patrol officer is provided with a body-worn digital audio/video recording system that allows for the documentation of the activities of officers and those with whom they come into contact, crimes in progress and other critical incidents. These cameras are especially useful when officers are not in close proximity to their vehicles in car audio/video system. Other benefits of the cameras include increased transparency and legitimacy, expedited resolution of complaints and improved citizen and police officer encounters. Our officers have had these cameras since 2009, and we were among the first departments in the KC metro area to use them.

A lesser known program we have is called the Community Video Partnership Program. Citizens can help the Lenexa Police Department detect and apprehend criminals by voluntarily registering privately held security cameras that record public areas like streets, sidewalks, parking lots, etc. Police who respond to burglaries, assaults and other crimes will be able to see a map of locations with cameras so they can contact registered video partners that may have captured footage related to the incident. Property owners who register a security camera are only contacted by the Lenexa Police Department if a criminal incident takes place in the vicinity of that camera. This program has been a big success, and we recently used video footage to help solve several auto burglaries.

Don't wait, put your application in and join our team of proactive officers. Also, check out the link below for past Recruiters Corner notes.

​- Sergeant Vajen

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